right before sunrise, Aruba

 Oct.25th thru Nov. 1st, 2010

6:02am. Standing  along the Caribbean shores waiting for the sun to rise.


a day out in the sun

it was november 2, 2011. This was one of my days in the sun @ The Mejestic Elegance adult Club,

Dominican Republic.

I couldn’t appear in the photo because I had to snap the picture.

(I smeared a small amount of vaseline over the lense for the effect)


The Chair



This here photo was taken in Dominican Republic @ the Majestic Elegance Club. I had the honors to be able to drink certain drinks at certain bars. As a matter of fact when I sat down at this bar which was the main bar, each and every bar person knew that my drink of choice was, “Champagne”

I would sit down, they would walk up and say, Champagne ma` am


coconut juice and rum in Punta Cana


Bavaro beach, Dominican republic

aaaahhhh, my favorite spot on the beach!!


The real Jamaica

The Real Jamaica.

This would pertain to anything that is away from the fancy resorts or the tourist areas.


Appleton’s Rum Estate Barrels

Appleton’s is located on the Beautiful Island of jamaica.

From Negril Jamaica, it took us 45 minutes to get there.

Once we got there a tour guide took us on a tour of the estates giving us the history of the place and showing us the grounds.

We also learned about how the product was made.

Did you know that two of the main ingredient in Appleton’s Rum is sugar cane and molasses?

We were also given a tour around the plant, but was told not to take any photo’s of the setup. I guess they figured that some of us were geniuses and that we would go back to the U.S and build us a plant like their’s and make our own rum and sell it.(whatever)

I was able to capture this photo as we were leaving the plant.

Once we were back inside of the building, we were lead to a bar like setup with every product that they made and was told that this is the part where we can test out their products.

The tour guide said, “it’s open bar everyone….Enjoy!!”


Rain showers at a distance

Aruba 2010.

watching it shower from a distance.


Don’t go chasing waterfalls..